Following the successful revival of the GEL-1090™ v2 sneaker, the millennial runner, earlier this year, ASICS SportStyle proudly partners with Copenhagen-based creative director Freja Wewer to bring her interpretation of the iconic sneaker to life.

For this season, the re-imagined GEL-1090™ v2 sneaker draws inspiration from Wewer’s first pair of ASICS — which she stole from her mother’s wardrobe – and delivers a clean take on the bold and technical heritage of ASICS. The shoe boasts an aesthetic typical of early 2000s running shoes blended with groundbreaking technology born from ASICS’ 70-year history of footwear innovation and human-centric science.

The sneaker features embossed logos, grey and silver overlays, a red pop of color on the soles and semi-black ASICS Stripes. “Right away I knew that the shoe should be grey and silver, as I keep an index of photos of grey and silver objects that I have taken throughout the years. Some of the objects in these images have also inspired my design process — I feel like this shoe represents me, my past and my present,” shares Freja.

Throughout history, ASICS has always been an advocate of movement for the benefit of one’s mind, in order to move freely and promote their philosophy of living with a sound mind in a sound body. For the launch of this sneaker, ASICS visited the French capital of Paris where Freja was hosted by Jennifer Abeyratne, a local creative producer, and followed them around the city as they shared insights into their creative inspirations as well as how movement uplifts their minds.

The Freja Wewer iteration of the GEL-1090™ v2 releases on November 19th on, in ASICS’ stores and select retailers worldwide.