The Ashi Studio Fall Winter Couture 2023 collection “The Waves” was unveiled during Couture Week with a show held at the American Church in Paris and simultaneously streamed live on Instagram. This collection embodies a new perspective for the house, blurring the lines of modernism and traditional couture to expand on Ashi’s interpretation of the “new timeless.” The Waves alludes to the perpetual cycle of tides, with each unique wave drawing its strength from the last and offering itself to the next.

The collection’s name is also a nod to Virginia Woolf’s collection of stories titled “The Waves,” which is one of the designer’s favourite literary pieces. There is a sense of fluidity in the 21 pieces of the collection, with uninterrupted lines that soften highly structural shapes. From billowy textures to more rigorous and stripped-back volumes that highlight key features of the body, such as the back of the neck, the small of the back, the arch of shoulders, and glimpses of thighs: these are objects of adoration in many different cultures, and symbols of their rituals and processions.