European surfing culture was born in the Basque Country of Spain at the beginning of the 20th century before spreading across the Costa Verde. “Tapia de Casariego, my hometown located in the Principality of Asturias, is keeping this sporting tradition alive. Every summer, growing up, I’ve witnessed surfers, including my brother Pedro with his own surfing school, take on our world-class waves. It was hypnotic.

“Surfer du Soir” is a romantic fantasy, the imaginary wardrobe of distinguished gentlepeople coming out of the water and heading into town wearing clothes expressing minimal individualism and strict freedom. Black and white symbolize the beginning and the end, exhibiting the purity and darkness of the collection. It is the designer’s alpha and omega on the quest to create silhouettes that either flirt around the body or render it abstract.

The collection explores the dichotomy between reality and dreams. It offers opposing sartorial possibilities, from the discreet charm of classic little black dresses in sequins or satin chiffon to a suit with waist-folding trousers and the showstopping appeal of a dramatic white flared lace jumpsuit.

Lace tops, in black and white, inject a dose of sensuality inherent to the brand’s ethos. Lace is also combined with black jersey to create a wrap-around, sophisticated, and time-saving piece. A black shirt and skirt duo, in cotton and bamboo towel fabric boasting a velvety texture, crafted with the idea of parading in style from the beach to wherever evenings end on those summery nights. A fluid and airy cotton towel fabric is crafted as a new iteration of the brand’s signature Pedro shirt.

Sleeveless tops in sequins or hand-embroidered with pearls by friend and collaborator Thibault Martin turn the wardrobe staple into garments exuding extravagant, sex-appeal. Crashing waves print, created with artificial intelligence denoting the designer’s interest in current discourses around handcrafting versus digital technologies, and made with RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) materials from bottles collected in the ocean, create a new iteration of the signature Pedro shirt and form-fitting dresses while expanding the business’s sustainability practice.

Surfers du Soir are sophisticated men and women whose clothes are powerful and sensual as the waves they might ride in the ocean.

Published by Asia Lanzi

Special thanks
Lace | Sophie Hallette – House of lace and tulle since 1887, made in France.
Footwear | Buanne Shoes – Made in Italy, Buanne offers a sleek, understated proposition that is handcrafted shoes in Naples by fine artisanal shoemakers using Italian-sourced materials. Buanne reflects the designer’s diverse heritage, with style names taken from Peruvian and Italian places, culture, and modernist architecture.
Print | Aria Hurtado
Sound Design | Tim Wes
Art Direction | Andrea Orejas
Production | ATO Designs
Show Music | Tim Wes
Video Music | Charlie QosoARTURO OBEGERO SS24