On December 8, high-end jewelry brand, TROPHY BY GASSAN, and artist Pablo Lücker, will reveal the world’s smallest work of art on a diamond ever. The new collaboration brings together the art and jewelry worlds with an exclusive series of 13 unique diamond art pieces.

What makes art? What makes jewelry? And where do these two meet? By investing in this collaboration, TROPHY BY GASSAN and artist Pablo Lücker arrive at an interesting answer: the world’s smallest work of art on diamond.

Taking jewelry to a new level

The high-end jewelry brand ventures into new territory by working with an artist for the first time – and an internationally recognized one no less. Speaking on the collaboration, former footballer and diamond and jewelry expert at TROPHY BY GASSAN, Calvin Jong-A-Pin notes, “Personalizing and customizing is what people want today and what we stand for with TROPHY BY GASSAN. Entering into this great collaboration with Pablo, we’re taking high-end jewelry to a new level and addressing new generations by bringing the best of both worlds together.”

Meeting at the intersection of love and passion

The unique collaboration presents an exciting challenge for an artist like Pablo Lücker, who has an exceptional portfolio working with well-known brands across different industries. It’s an opportunity to paint a story of love and passion on the smallest canvas. For Pablo, the resulting collection represents where “heritage and craftsmanship meets art and luxury design. 13 hearts. 13 love stories, all unique. My family’s seven generations of artists and the GASSAN family’s five generations of jewelers. Together, we took on the challenge and pushed boundaries.”

HE(ART) Diamond Collection

Engraved on GASSAN 121® – patented worldwide and known for its unique cut with 121 facets, and featuring Pablo’s famous ‘Dream Script’. The limited series of 13 unique art pieces consists of a 2.75 carat crown jewel and 12 exclusive 1 carat diamonds. With the option of creating customized jewelry with this stunning diamond – which represents love in the most personal way, the HE(ART) Diamond Collection is designed for celebrating the moments in life when words fail but the heart speaks.

Available at retail starting December 8 exclusively through GASSAN and at the TROPHY BY GASSAN stand during MASTERS EXPO (8-12 December) in Amsterdam RAI. More info: www.gassan.com