Artipoppe releases a podcast series to inspire women to rethink their position and power in the world. In 2012 Anna van den Bogert founded Artipoppe, a Dutch babywearing brand. What started with a single baby carrier turned into much more. Not just a rapidly growing international business, but a way to connect with mothers worldwide and to give voice to an ongoing movement about how to create more space for mothers, for women, in today’s society. This is such a vast subject that Van den Bogert decided to create a podcast around it. In this series many inspirational thinkers are being interviewed about motherhood in general, but also about health, spirituality, fashion, social justice and how to save our planet for the future of our children. Our guests: co-founder of plant-based food program Sakara Life Danielle Duboise, member of the European parliament Samira Rafaela, healer Mama Medicine (Deborah Hanekamp), indigenous rights activist Nina Gualinga, food writer and entrepreneur Ella Mills (Deliciously Ella), birth doula Carson Meyer and many more.

In the first episode Van den Bogert will explain in detail what ‘The New Motherhood’ means to her. This is a term, a philosophy that Artipoppe’s founder has briefly touched on in interviews and on social media. In a nutshell, she believes that in our current patriarchal societies feminine energy and motherhood can oftentimes be smothered. Van den Bogert wants to make way for a world in which the mother, creator of all life, and families take center stage. Moving into a world, a future reality, that’s more about community, lifting each other up and really being connected. This extends to us being more connected to nature and therefore our human nature, listening to our instincts as people and parents. 

Technically this would mean that mother and child, parent and child feel truly welcomed in all arenas of society. Whether taking a Zoom call, giving a lecture or attending a meeting with your baby in tow. New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, who brought her child along in the first months after giving birth, is a huge inspiration to Van den Bogert. She would like to encourage women to trust themselves, trust their intuition, and to claim their space in society. Yet for that to unfold it should also become the status quo to see parent and child together anywhere in public. Also, when mothers bring a baby to a social gathering or breastfeed in public – without having to experience any social anxiety or fear of judgement. That’s where Van den Bogert would like to see a shift in consciousness. So mothers can feel empowered to walk their own path, to deeply connect to their babies and to express themselves for all that they are; a mother, a woman and so much more. 

The New Motherhood is a holistic approach to motherhood and humanity as a whole. Motherhood touches all of our lives. So, in a way Artipoppe doesn’t just speak to mothers, fathers, but to everyone out there. It’s only together that we can achieve a brighter future with sustainability, inclusivity, connection and love as the norm. 

Artipoppe’s products are made in Europe and delivered to over 70 countries worldwide. The brand is loved and worn by celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Jude Law, Shay Mitchell and many more. The Artipoppe Podcast will be out on December 2nd, hosted by freelance journalist Kaira van Wijk.