The exhibition will present a series of drawings and ceramic sculptures, showcasing traditional and innovative ways of presenting art, all the while exploring the organic nature of the corporal form.

Artefact.Berlin announces the first solo show by Brazilian, Berlin-based artist Caterina Renaux Hering, following her recent graduation at Universität der Künste (UDK) in Berlin. Blushing out of Blue, will be on view from November 3, 2023 – December 20, 2023, unveiling new and site-specific pieces, ranging from dainty drawings to ceramic sculptures, expressing the artist’s sensibility towards crafting a distinctive language with shapes, senses, and exploration of materiality.
Blushing out of Blue will debut a series of distinct drawings, on paper, inside resin and cast in silicone, engulfing the gallery into the very essence of Renaux Hering’s subject, genuine sensation. The diverse expression from a range of mediums allows the artist to craft narratives, diving deeper into the sensuality of the subject, ultimately becoming mystifying surfaces for generating sentiments. Working within the existing materiality of the exhibition space itself, the works become embedded in its structure, further coding its sensual essence into the gallery.

At the heart of Renaux Hering’s artistry lies an exploration of the human body as the central subject and vehicle for her creative expression, drawing on the themes of transience, eroticism, delight and duration. Probing various facets of sensibility through her unique perspective, Renaux Hering’s work invites viewers to make sense of the genuine sensations that pulse through corporeal existence. Drawing, as a consistent presence in her oeuvre, allows Renaux Hering to look for the soul’s knowledge of our intrinsically unfolding self. Serving as her very own Ariadne’s thread, the lines act as guides for navigating the labyrinth of subjectivity, packing depths into shapes and emerging from abstraction towards clarity.

Blushing out of Blue unveils a variety of the artist’s drawings, based on different plastic approaches encompassing both tradition and innovation. Spanning from the conventional method of drawing on paper, glass, and framing, the pieces include the use of resin as an ode to 1960s Italian aesthetics, and conclude with several drawings utilizing silicone, an innovative technique developed by the artist herself. The drawings fuse with silicone becoming one, liberating them into a skin-like fluid condition, achieving the resilience required for fragility to thrive. Netting the essence of the exhibition, in ‘LinDonna’ (pictured above left), a drawing cast in silicone, the artist captures the beauty of femininity as the nurturer of the continuity of life and, as the very form that existence crafts to seduce the production of life continuously.