Unveil is the first global art photography platform to use blockchain technology (also called NFTs) to make curated art photography accessible to a wider audience. Prior to the launch in November 2022, the Dutch start-up will enter into an exclusive partnership with photography fair Unseen.

Unveil itself is not a gallery, but a platform where galleries, art photographers and collectors can find each other. Alexander Sporre, one of the founders of Unveil and an art photographer himself, knows where the needs of the market lie: “The sales market for galleries is now very regional and physical and often not accessible to new talent. By making blockchain technology accessible to all those involved in art photography, we increase the possibilities of this new digital world for both photographer and gallery.”

Roderick van der Lee (director of Unseen) about the collaboration with Unveil: “The advance of blockchain technology and NFTs in the art market has of course did not go unnoticed by Unseen. Due to the complex subject matter, we felt it was crucial to conduct extensive research into this wonderful new digital world, but with Unveil we felt a clear affinity in a shared mission: to provide access to the international art market for young talent and innovators with a highly curated view.”

The art world has been one of the richest industries for years, but many creators still cannot afford to make a living from their art. With Unveil, the founders want to offer art photographers equal opportunities. On the one hand to show their work and on the other hand to be able to sell their work easily and transparently to a global market. By applying blockchain technology, Unveil takes the existing market to a higher level. When purchasing the NFT, the right to a physical print is included. However, the buyer decides whether he wants to receive the print directly from the maker or whether he/she/they retains the right and sees it as an investment and possible resale. Also, due to the application of blockchain technology, the origin of a work is always traceable and the maker will always continue to receive royalties in the event of any resale.

During Unseen you can view and buy works in both physical and digital form by the creative duo Maria Bodil (consisting of Lieve Eek and Marthe Vos), Joost Termeer, Lilia Luganskaia and Wanda Tuerlinckx.