Acqua di Parma celebrates the Collection dedication to the Holiday Season with motifs designed by the talented paper-cut artist Gio Pastori. 

Acqua di Parma celebrates the Holiday Season with Gio Pastori. After the success of Colonia Artist Edition, the decorative motifs designed by the young Italian artist adorn the Holiday Season Collection 2019 with his joyous and playful style. Once again, the iconic Italian Maison elevates the art of giving, entrusting its image to an up-and-coming talent among the most interesting ones on the current art scene.

The radiant decoration created by Gio Pastori for Colonia Artist Edition returns throughout the Holiday Season Collection, wrapping bottles and coffret sets, both in the signature black and white pattern with silver tones for the Blu Mediterraneo products and gold for Le Nobili. A skilled paper-cut artist with a strong sense of colour, Gio has drawn inspiration from the famous advertisements of Depero, interpreting in his own way the elegant essential nature of Acqua di Parma. The original graphic pattern punctuated with miniatures of the Colonia Art Deco bottles, alternated to tiny baubles evoking the winter holidays, but also children‘s games, from marbles to balloons.

This atmosphere of fascinating old-time fairy tales steeped in modern minimalism is employed also for the Collection Advertising visual. Colonia and a large sledge are the main protagonists of the visual story, together with the Ballerina and the Toy Soldier from Tchaikovsky‘s Nutcracker in a stylised version and with a cascade of gift packages and hat boxes.

A real feast for the eyes runs through the whole Collection which, for 2019, becomes even richer. Alongside the stylish Holiday Gift Sets, Acqua di Parma offers new elegant creations for the Holiday Gifts. From the Blu Mediterraneo soaps and hand creams, to the Barber and Colonia Travel Sets. There is also a special area reserved for the new Home Collection that boasts the Notte di Stelle fragrance, a new protagonist. The Collection is completed by the luxurious sets devoted to the new sophisticated Signatures of the Sun fragrances and includes for the rst time the lavish Acqua di Parma Advent Calendar.

“For Acqua di Parma, the art of giving is an important part of Italian lifestyle and also this year, we have chosen an artist to celebrate the winter holidays. Gio Pastori interpreted in a magni cent way the radiant lightness of our iconic fragrance with his unique version of Colonia Artist, so we decided to sprinkle the magic of his spontaneously ironic creativity on the new Holiday Season Collection”, says Laura Burdese, Acqua di Parma CEO and President.

“Working with Acqua di Parma has given me the chance to express the authentic essence of my creativity. Hand-crafted collages and paper-cuts, together with a purity of forms, are the principles of my practice. The elegant minimalism, passion for handcraft and that imperfect perfection that make each Acqua di Parma creation unique, immediately fascinated me these values, that perfectly t with the spirit of the Holiday Season Collection, inspired me while working on the Colonia Artist project”, says Gio Pastori.

With Gio Pastori Acqua di Parma continues the experimental path that year after year involves versatile and original artists from the contemporary art scene.
This research involves the visual codes of the maison and Colonia, its iconic fragrance, reinterpreted from time to time in creations of great impact and uniqueness. These original works emerge from the individual sensitivity of the various artists. The project dedicated to the Holiday Season Collection represents the natural development of these collaborations between the famous Maison and the artist called upon to interpret it.


Acqua di Parma has created the artistic edition of Colonia also for the year 2019, entrusting it to the talent of Gio Pastori. This is an original gift for fans of the brand‘s iconic perfume. The generous 180ml format enhances the decorative motif, created by the artist, that completely wraps around the unmistakeable Art Deco bottle and the cylindrical box. This extremely light and radiant graphic pattern comes in yellow, black and white.

Olfactory Pyramid. The golden fruits of Acqua di Parma spread their sparkling, clear and sunny notes all around. These sensations are ampli ed in the heart of the fragrance where oral essences of lavender, verbena and Bulgarian

rose meet and combine. In the base, there are the warm tones of luxurious wood, such as vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.



The essence of the purest Italian style becomes an elegant gift for all those who value Acqua di Parma Colonie, in four precious Holiday Gift Sets. For each one, the hat box in the iconic Parma yellow is completely covered with the radiant decorative motif created by Gio Pastori. Inside there is an elegant collection: Eau de Cologne 100ml, Bath and Shower Gel 75ml and Spray Deodorant 50ml. Each box is distinguished by the colour code of the label: white for Colonia, bronze for Colonia Intensa, black for Colonia Essenza, matt silver for Colonia Pura.

Colonia, the iconic fragrance of the brand. This timeless classic is characterised by clear citrus tones and a fresh energy.
Colonia Intensa, a fragrance with character for a strong personality that nds expression in the unmistakeable leather tone.

Colonia Essenza an exciting and sophisticated fragrance with a vibrant combination of citrus and wood. Its elegant Art Deco bottle comes in pure black.
Colonia Pura gives off sensations of modern lightness, offering new light and breath to the citrus cologne structure.

Le Nobili

There are three different Holiday Gift Sets that offer every woman a personal essence based on her favourite ower: Magnolia Nobile, Rosa Nobile, Peonia Nobile.
The graphic pattern created by Gio Pastori is lit up with gold tones, to embellish the box provided with the distinctive nuance of each fragrance: creamy white for Magnolia Nobile, pink for Rosa Nobile, royal magenta for Peonia Nobile. The set includes Eau de Parfum 100ml, Body Cream and Shower Gel 75ml.

Magnolia Nobile is a charming fragrance, perfect for a woman who attracts looks with the strength of her personality. This Eau de Parfum is characterised by clear tones that stir the heart with the notes of vibrant magnolia.
Rosa Nobile is the ideal fragrance for a woman with her own unmistakeable charm, just like the queen of owers. This fragrance is like a bouquet of freshly cut roses that awakens in the heart the enveloping richness of the Italian Rosa Centifolia.

Peonia Nobile is a sensual fragrance, lively and vibrant, for an elegant woman full of vitality. A sumptuous peony fragrance enriches the heart of this Eau de Parfum.

Blu Mediterraneo

This gift releases all the vital energy of the Italian Mediterranean and allows to relive in each season the grandeur of magni cent landscapes. The three Holiday Gift Sets contain the golden moments of a long joyful summer, when letting go is as easy as breathing. Each one is marked by an essence based on a symbolic place in the Italian Mediterranean: Arancia di Capri, Mirto di Panarea and Fico di Amal . The design created by Gio Pastori shines on the sea blue background of the box, in its silver and white tones evoking festive moods full of light.

Each set contains an Eau de Toilette 75ml, the Shower Gel 40ml and the Body Lotion 50ml. These practical and handy formats are ideal to take everywhere with you the radiant freshness of the most loved Mediterranean landscapes.

Arancia di Capri. A sunny relaxing fragrance, that releases notes of orange, mandarin and lemon. It feels like nding yourself immersed in the atmosphere of one of the most fascinating Mediterranean islands in the world.
Mirto di Panarea. The aromatic scents of the Mediterranean vegetation are blended with the perfume of the sea breeze. Myrtle and basil, together with lemon and bergamot, are ideal to feel transported to an island suspended in time.

Fico di Amal . Bergamot, lemon and grapefruit announce in advance the scents of g in an irresistible harmony, like the ever-surprising view of the Amal Coast.


Travel Must-Haves

The must-haves for fans of the Acqua di Parma Italian style, but also the perfect gift for someone stepping into the world of the historic Maison for the rst time. This complete and elegant selection of Colonia and Barbiere provided in convenient elegant formats has everything you need always at hand: Colonia 20ml, Colonia shower gel 75ml, Colonia spray deodorant 50ml, Barbiere 40ml soft shaving cream and refreshing aftershave emulsion.

The essential compact design for the elegant travel case is embellished with the band with Acqua di Parma stitching and logo. The box evokes the decoration motif created by Gio Pastori on a luminous yellow background.

Arancia di Capri Hand Cream and Soap

Two new formulas release the relaxing fragrance of Arancia di Capri. Each one is a special gift to rediscover in everyday actions the dynamic breath of the Italian Mediterranean. The hand cream and soap come in the practical 300ml dispenser, even more radiant thanks to the blue box embellished with the silver and white decoration of Gio Pastori for Acqua di Parma. They are perfect as individual gifts or together.

Mixed with water the Hand Soap produces a rich and full-bodied foam. Its delicate formula with essence of Aloe and vitamin E, leaves the skin pleasantly cleansed and soft, giving it the perfumed tones of Arancia di Capri.

With its light and quickly-absorbed texture, the Hand Cream leaves the skin silky. Formulated with Karité butter and apricot oil with the strong hydrating properties, it releases its active ingredients, giving a pleasant softness together with the delicate fragrance of Arancia di Capri.

Blu Mediterraneo Discovery Collection

This is the ideal gift to discover the regenerating aromas of the Italian Mediterranean and to breathe in all its bright energy. This selection of the best-loved Blu Mediterraneo fragrances is packaged in a box covered with the decorative motifs created by Gio Pastori in silver and white tones. Arancia

di Capri, Bergamotto di Calabria, Fico di Amal and Mirto di Panarea in four 10ml roll-on packs. These practical formats allow you to immerse yourself in any moment in unforgettable places, where the sun, sky and sea are one.

Arancia di Capri. It releases the scents of orange, mandarin and lemon, symbolic citrus fruits of the Mediterranean island. And it‘s like nding yourself again in the sunny and relaxing atmosphere of this corner of paradise.Bergamotto di Calabria. It conjures up a strong intense land, together with its most precious fruit. The sparkling scents of bergamot appear from the beginning and characterise this charming oral fragrance.

Fico di Amal . The clear sunny scents of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit are the perfect prelude to the sweetness of the g. A dynamic and surprising fragrance like the views of the Amal Coast.
Mirto di Panarea. It releases the aromatic scents of the Mediterranean vegetation blending them with the perfume of the sea breeze. Myrtle and basil, together with lemon and bergamot, transport you to an island suspended in time.


Candles and Room Diffusers – Notte di Stelle

The joy of sharing unforgettable moments with your loved-ones. A warm intimate atmosphere which is also felt in the air when the scent of “Notte di Stelle” is given off. This new Home Collection fragrance created by Acqua di Parma is ideal to create the perfumed magic of a festive night.

The ame that burns in the replace combines with the cold of the dark star- studded night, in a composition that mixes the fragrances of birch wood and Guajac wood with the balsamic scents of pine oil and the spicy scents of cloves, with the pungent touch of raspberry.

“Notte di Stelle” comes in three versions, each one ideal to live a different experience.

The candle in the 200g glass holder unites the play of light and shade of the ame with the perfumed tones.

A ritual which becomes even more spectacular with the candle in the glass

holder in the new generous 500g format, which recaptures the iconic shape of the bottle and is enriched with several wicks placed with extreme precision to create a very harmonious light composition. The glass holder and box of both the candles are embellished with the decoration created by Gio Pastori in yellow, black and white, the symbolic colours of Acqua di Parma.

“Notte di Stelle” also comes in an elegant 180ml room diffuser. This design object recaptures the Art Deco shape of Colonia, nely decorated with the graphic pattern of Gio Pastori, like the cylindrical box. It is a perfect gift to release the bright perfumed tones of the fragrance strongly and for a long time.

Room diffuser Luce di Colonia – 500ml

To welcome friends and loved ones on party days, this fragrance radiates joie de vivre throughout the home. The protagonist of the Acqua di Parma Home Collection, this composition celebrates with its light sunny scent of Colonia, the quintessence of the Italian style. The citrus scents of orange and lemon evoke sun-drenched Italian landscapes. The pure natural ‘Frutti d’Oro’ combine with delicate oral tones and warm scents of precious wood. This gift marries design with atmosphere. A room diffuser that, for the rst time, is designed in the generous 500ml format. The shape recaptures the iconic Art Deco clear glass bottle, embellished as always with the bakelite stopper and the elegant thin rattan sticks, both in black. The box is decorated with the original motifs in yellow, black and white, created by Gio Pastori.


Signature Premium Gift Set

This precious gift like the art of the Acqua di Parma perfume achieves excellence in the new Signatures of the Sun collection. Fragrances which, through the olfactory prism of Colonia, the iconic brand fragrance, offer the sensation of perceiving an already familiar ingredient as if for the rst time. Dedicated to Oud and Sandalo the two sets include Eau de Parfum 100ml and Shower Gel 200ml, exclusively designed for this gift box. Products and box are characterised by the elegant distinctive codes of the collection. The black background is lit up by the matt label with the gold logo printed in relief.

Oud. This masterly combination marries the citrus spirit of Colonia and the faceted olfactory structure of agarwood oil. From this subtle harmony of contrasts arises a unique fragrance.
Sandalo. This is a sunny and intense fragrance at the same time. The clear brightness of the citrus combines with the balsamic and creamy scents of Indian sandalwood, in its opulent sensuality.

Signature Discovery Set

The value of a gift that will offer the joy of discovering the art of the Signatures of the Sun perfume. A Set containing a re ned selection. The three precious Eau de Parfum, Quercia, Oud and Sandalo come in the elegant 20ml format, which faithfully reproduces the Art Deco bottle, in tones of black with a matt label and logo in gold. These sophisticated colour codes come back on the hat box package.

Quercia. An Eau de Parfum that spreads generously and richly with scents of green and light, enhances the magnetic attraction of the oak tree in a powerful and full-bodied composition.
Oud. The olfactory complexity of a faceted essence like agarwood oil unveils an unexpected and radiant freshness through the citrus scents of Colonia.Sandalo. The strong creamy scents of Indian sandalwood, together with the Frutti d‘Oro of Colonia experience a new surprising brilliance.

Acqua di Parma Advent Calendar

Acqua di Parma adds to the winter holidays its new Advent Calendar. Every day, a small or large surprise awaits you to experience up close the world of the Maison in all its facets. From Colonia to Blu Mediterraneo to Home Collection, from Barbiere to Signatures the Sun and Le Nobili, so many precious gifts in formats that allow you to appreciate formulas and fragrances. In the sunny tones of Parma yellow, the Calendar is divided into four sections: when it is closed it recalls the shape of the iconic Acqua di Parma box and, once open, it shows a festive decoration and recalls a bright Italian house, with as many windows ready to offer the surprise of the day.

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