words by Nadia ten Hove

In a fusion of artistic brilliance and environmental consciousness, Dutch photographer Stijn de Vries joins hands with the renowned German fashion brand ARMEDANGELS, unveiling a captivating visual narrative in their latest DetoxDenim campaign. This groundbreaking collaboration, titled “It’s Getting Hot in Here,” not only showcases the allure of fashion but also underscores the urgent need to address climate change and the escalating temperatures plaguing our planet.

The Allure of DetoxDenim

ARMEDANGELS’ DetoxDenim collection, meticulously crafted over the past five years, stands as a testament to sustainable fashion evolution. Each piece, meticulously produced without harmful chemicals and in adherence to GOTS standards, epitomizes the brand’s commitment to a greener future. With recycled cotton making up a significant 37% of the collection, these jeans redefine eco-friendly fashion, offering a range of styles from slender skinnies to relaxed baggy fits.

ARMEDANGELS urges you to embrace a love affair with the planet.

A Vision Captured by Stijn de Vries

Renowned figures, including influential duo Bo Brown and Noah Altink, vintage aficionado Tuyk Dider van Dam, and the striking model Dieudonnée Comvalius, grace ARMEDANGELS’ campaign under Stijn de Vries’s masterful lens. The photographic series, rich in sensuality and allure, captures the essence of the campaign’s theme, symbolizing not only a fashion statement but also a profound message about our planet’s climate crisis.

The Heat of the Moment

“It’s Getting Hot in Here” encapsulates the sizzling chemistry between Bo Brown and Noah Altink, while Tuyk Dider van Dam adds his vintage charm. Accompanying them are diverse models like Luca Hollestelle, Dieudonnée Comvalius, and Ismael Mbaye, collectively portraying the vibrant diversity in fashion.

Stijn de Vries’s signature style, characterized by bold flashes and captivating darkness, infuses the campaign with an electrifying energy. These images exude a magnetic charm, perfectly aligning with the campaign’s provocative title. This collaboration elevates ARMEDANGELS into a new realm of allure, harmonizing fashion with a powerful message about climate awareness.

Caring for Your Denim, and Our Planet

Embrace Minimalism:
Give your denim the space it needs; frequent washing isn’t necessary.

Handle with Care:
Follow the care label instructions, wash in cold water, and turn your denim inside out.

Gentle Touch for Delicate Fabrics:
Opt for mild detergents; stay away from bleach and fabric softeners.

Air-Dry for a Greener Tomorrow:
Harness the power of the sun and wind for natural drying.

Revitalize Your Denim:
Explore our repair guide to give your denim a renewed lease on life, contributing to a more sustainable fashion future.