This is the new No New Oil summer collection by ARMEDANGELS.

The era of tapping into fossil fuels is behind us. The materials used in ARMEDANGELS’ 2023 summer collection support an oil-free future. The garments are made from plant-based or recycled fibers that feel light and gentle on the skin, without the use of new oil.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR, OIL STAYS IN THE GROUND As temperatures rise, so does ARMEDANGELS’ commitment to an oil-free future. The Cologne-based brand envisions a future where extracting new oil is a thing of the past. That’s why 99.62% of this year’s summer collection is made from plant-based fibers or recycled materials. We strive to use only what already exists or is sourced from renewable sources, minimizing the exploitation of limited, non-renewable resources on Earth. ARMEDANGELS follows their own inspiring strategy, choosing nature over oil. We are continuously working to increase the share of natural materials in our products.

For an extra light and fluidly comfortable feel, primarily natural fibers such as linen, Lyocell, viscose, and organic or recycled cotton are used. But what does oil and plastic have to do with clothing? Synthetic fibers like polyester, polyamide, and elastane are plastic materials made from mineral oil. The extraction of oil relies on non-renewable and limited resources, often causing environmental destruction. ARMEDANGELS aims to transform the fashion industry by creating innovative and timeless clothing produced according to responsible standards for both people and the planet. Therefore, the summer styles are crafted from high-quality materials that are plant-based or recycled.


Linen plays a prominent role in ARMEDANGELS’ 2023 summer collection. The fabric is perfectly suited for this season due to its cooling effect. Linen is used in summer pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, and select accessories. The Cologne-based brand continually strives to source their fabrics as sustainably as possible. Hence, it is essential for ARMEDANGELS that the fibers are not only harvested but also spun in Europe. As a natural fiber, linen not only creates beautiful, lightweight, and flowing looks but also supports a future without new oil and plastic.