The Sustainable Lifestyle brand ARMEDANGELS launches its first DetoxDenim made with 100% recycled cotton from 80% pre consumer and 20% post consumer waste. True to their mission of innovative, fashion-forward and more sustainable fashion the entire supply chain and every station of the garment can be transparently tracked by the customer through a QR code sewn into the denim. By scanning it with a smartphone it gives access to the AwareTM Virtual ID, a digital product passport, that allows you to follow the whole product journey.

In the Spring 2023 collection, all time favorite shapes are covered, from the bestseller MAIRAA and DYLAANO to newly developed on trend fits, bottoms and jackets. Recycled cotton never looked and felt that good. The reuse of cotton saves carbon emissions, land use, energy and water consumption required to cultivate virgin cotton.

ARMEDANGELS not only creates authentic denims with modern finishes from waste, the new 100% recycled DetoxDenim collection is linked to an important message: to own less, to choose wisely and to invest in „true love“ pieces, like their high- quality jeans, that you want to wear forever and can‘t live without. On top: the Denims are all PETA approved vegan, because the patches aren’t made with leather but Jacron.

„With our Spring 23 DetoxDenim collection, we are expanding our range of styles with recycled cotton and increasing the content to 100% for the first time. We offer new fits in addition to the all-time favorite MAIRAA mom fit for women and DYLAANO straight fit for men. AAIKALA is our modern high waist straight fit for women. We pick up the trendy baggy style with HAAYI in the collection. For a all-over Denim look, you can combine our cool overshirt TAALE or our new denim jacket LYSAAN, which can be worn a little longer and with belt. For men, we also have a casual overshirt in indigo and black, with patch pockets.“

Sara Maier, Design Lead Denim at ARMEDANGELS