armarium, the brand founded by Giorgia Gabriele, is synonymous with elegance, premium materials, and the finest Made in Italy quality. This new campaign heralds a fresh chapter for the brand, broadening its vision with a footwear collection dedicated to women. The collection is crafted to support them in their daily lives, combining comfort with a sophisticated, feminine, and sensual style.

Martin Laforêt, who collaborated on the campaign images, has developed an original practice where materials and techniques, conceived as a whole, mingle and intertwine. His work aligns with the aesthetic of Arte Povera but does not adhere to any specific guidelines. Inspired by artisanal know-how and the intelligence of the hand, he has long enjoyed transforming industrial construction materials to bestow upon them a newfound nobility.

The rigor of armarium’s architecture is illuminated through Martin’s vision and taste. For this collaboration, titled “Le Minimalisme Materiel” Martin has created two unique concrete objects that will feature in the photoshoot for the launch of armarium’s footwear. The philosophy of “less is more” perfectly resonates within the daily dialogue and respective worlds of Giorgia and Martin. This collaboration aims to reinforce the concept of rigor and coherence.