Giorgio Armani introduces the CREMA NERA REVISCENTALIS META CONCENTRATE serum, bringing attention to the power of metabolite skin science. This serum, inspired by nature and based on this new science, can offer a new level of skin restoration.

Metabolite skin science, or metabolomics, essentially decodes the cell metabolism of the skin cells and is applied in various specific skin sciences.

Thanks to a groundbreaking discovery, supported by extensive clinical studies, the Armani Beauty lab has determined that the metabolites that revive the “resurrection plant” Myrothamnus flabellifolia – the basis of the distinctive ReviscentalisTM ingredient of the CREMA NERA skincare line – also have the ability to protect the skin. A first in international beauty research: the Armani Beauty lab has subsequently applied these latest developments of this science, where the excellent protective, detoxifying, and self-repairing mechanisms of the Myrothamnus flabellifolia plant now form the basis for exceptionally beneficial properties for the skin.

Metabolite skin science has accelerated the development of the CREMA NERA REVISCENTALIS META CONCENTRATE serum, whose unprecedented synergy of highly concentrated active ingredients paves the way for a new generation of CREMA NERA skincare.

At the heart of the CREMA NERA REVISCENTALIS META CONCENTRATE formula lies the exclusive ReviscentalisTM ingredient, created exclusively for Giorgio Armani, which has now been made 200%* more concentrated, thereby tripling the revitalizing power of the resurrection plant. The serum formula, already groundbreaking in terms of next-level effectiveness, is enriched with a renewed encapsulation technique to safeguard the maximum efficacy of the powerful ingredients.

In fact, one bottle of CREMA NERA REVISCENTALIS META CONCENTRATE contains over a billion metabolites from the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia. After just one application, the skin feels firmer and softer while also giving off a radiant glow. With prolonged use, the skin texture becomes smoother and more refined, with a more even complexion.