Women – Forever yours
There is a corner of our wardrobe that holds the most memorable pieces – the details we reach out for when
it’s time to celebrate. Slowly built over the years, and perhaps the most well-considered of all rotations, this is
an emotional line-up of garments and accessories that hold a dear place in our hearts.

Worn on special days, these pieces last a lifetime and remain protagonists of every occasion. For this year’s
festive edit, we’re celebrating the timelessness of dressed-up details – pick your favourite if you’re missing
something, and make it forever yours.

Children – A play of stars
Superstars, shining stars, movie stars: the long nights ofwinter are a time for everyone to shine. Inspired by the
upcoming holiday break, we present a festive edit dedicated to the joy of shared fun and play. An invitation to
use a little sparkle and tons of childlike imagination to create memories together.