Nordic lifestyle brand ARKET introduces a completely reworked and rebranded jeans program, consisting of classic 5-pocket silhouettes for the everyday uniform. The new ARKET Jeans collection includes styles for women, men and children and will from now on be part of the brand’s core collection.

Classic and refined silhouettes – Denim, and in particular the iconic 5-pocket silhouettes, has been an essential and permanent part of ARKET since the first collections in 2017. The renewed women’s collection is inspired by worn and washed denim, which gives a softer and more casual touch to the classic , female silhouettes. For men, iconic 5-pocket designs and refined workwear remain the basis of the collection.

Main building blocks – “I think it’s really interesting that through all the waves of youth and subculture over the past 70 years, denim has been one of the main building blocks of the style. It is truly timeless, and essential to the evolution of modern menswear,” says Erik Schedin, Head of Design at ARKET Menswear.

Wider range – For Spring 2023, the world of blue notes also serves as an overall theme for a wider range of women’s clothing, including dresses, shoes, T-shirts, knitwear and more, drawing inspiration from the rich play of indigo colours.

Richness of colour and texture – “We were inspired by the richness of colour and texture in denim fabrics. If there’s one type of clothing that only gets more beautiful and valuable the more you wear it, it’s denim. Denim also has something safe and comfortable that everyone can relate to. It’s been around for so long that you know it will always be part of your wardrobe,” says Alma Ekman, Head of Design at ARKET Womenswear.

ARKET Jeans will be available online and in stores from February 23 and prices range from €29 to €89.