ARKET presents a limited edition of exclusive wool blankets featuring motifs by Japanese artist Takashi Tsushima. Released just in time for the holidays, the new collection is the second collaboration between ARKET and Takashi Tsushima, following a series of illustrations for children’s clothing in 2018.

Feature Takashi Tsushima
The work of Japanese artist and illustrator Takashi Tsushima (b 1969) often features whimsical depictions of plants and animals with a distinct hand-drawn quality. His artworks and prints are created for books, textile designs and pottery, as well as exhibited on their own.

Making people happier
“I love doing projects with ARKET. I enjoy and feel happy to take part in projects like this, creating a bond between people. I also like to imagine these products reaching other people and making their daily lives better and happier, even if only a little bit. It would give me great pleasure if my works make people smile,” said artist Takashi Tsushima.

The ARKET x Takashi Tsushima Collection
The collection includes four different versions of the brand’s signature home accessories, in cheerful green, pink and blue, and an elegant variant in black and white, produced by Swedish factory Klippan.

Harmony of nature
The motifs adorning the blankets follow the artist’s signature style, mixing animal forms with floral shapes and evoking human emotions – an expression of Tsushima’s belief that in the harmony of nature, we all live as one.