Scandinavian lifestyle brand ARKET is launching a limited series of jewelry for men this autumn, crafted from recycled sterling silver.

The collection caters to customers seeking understated and seasonless rings, bracelets, and necklaces designed to age gracefully with character.

After contemplating the role of jewelry in men’s wardrobes, ARKET introduces a collection featuring subtle, clean pieces made from solid recycled 925 sterling silver. This minimalist collection offers thoughtful variations on the typical ring, bracelet, and necklace, with designs that seek simplicity and essence.

“Over the years, jewelry has become a natural part of men’s fashion, and we see its addition to our range as a natural evolution of our collection. Made from recycled sterling silver and based on essential jewelry, with great attention to detail and high quality, the collection closely aligns with ARKET’s DNA,” says Erik Schedin, Head of Menswear Design at ARKET.

The ring is available in three variants: two band rings of different widths and an oval signet ring. The necklace comes in two different sizes, and the bracelet features a classic shape. Each piece of jewelry is presented with great care, emphasizing the personal connection between the jewelry and the wearer.