Beginning of this year marks the day  ARKET will introduce ARKET RUNNING, a new modern sportswear concept collection blending sustainable high-performance fabrics with a thoughtful minimalist aesthetic.

The new collection has been developed by the brand’s design studio in Stockholm and will be launched online and in selected ARKET stores including Amsterdam end of January. ‘Running in Scandinavia is as much about finding peace with the weather – as with your own body and mind, meaning that function always comes first. But function can also be interpreted in a wider sense’ says Anna Teurnell, ARKET’s Head of Design, and continues:

‘For them, ARKET RUNNING is part of a mindful lifestyle. By running you can explore alternate routes in culture, your environment as well as nature, which feeds your body and soul.
Their design is influenced by the notion of a modern runner, for whom performance and maintaining a balanced life go hand in hand’.

For both men and women, the collection includes a windbreaker with reflective details made entirely from recycled polyester. In the men’s collection adding shorts in the same material, compression tights to pair with T-shirts, tights, and a warm-up fleece that combines a foundation of 80–90% recycled fibres with complementing materials for enhanced functionality. The whole collection comes in a black and grey colour palette with a wide selection of jackets and shorts in orange and camouflage print. Women’s collection will offer a set of high performance compression tights with a matching bra as well as garments in a high shine fabric and a fleece hoodie, adding a brand new take on traditional running gear. Matte colour scheme ranging from taupe to black which makes it really exciting and we cannot wait to share moe about it soon.

ARKET® RUNNING will launch end of January, on and in the following selected ARKET stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London’s Covent Garden.

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Timotej Letonja