This spring, the bands on Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 harness the vibrant energy of horse racing.

Apple Watch Hermès: Jockey colors from the get-go
This season, new Casaque bands harness the vibrant energy of horse racing and reference the color-blocked jerseys worn by jockeys. The Single Tours come in a four-color nylon weave, while the Double Tour combines six contrasting colors in Swift calfskin. Finally, new solid hues—rose Azalée and vert Bambou —join the race to elevate the classic and Attelage bands.

Apple AirTag Hermès: The key to travel
Apple AirTag Hermès welcomes two new trompe l’oeil pictograms for its keyring version. These ingenious little icons invite owners to choose from a car, a snowy peak, a little house, and a sailboat, according to the motif best suited to each set of keys. Make every trip carefree!

Other products include Accessories in Swift calfskin for AirPods Pro and The Magsafe cardholder in Swift calfskin for iPhone.

Apple and Hermès: A constantly renewed collaboration

Apple and Hermès support the lifestyles of their contemporaries by providing creations that share the same ambition to successfully combine function with aesthetics. Founded in 2015, the Apple-Hermès partnership is the meeting of two cultures united around the shared quest for excellence and authenticity. It meets the desires of men and women who love beautiful design, cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and exceptional know-how.