As of spring 2019, A.P.C. has invited friends of the brand to collaborate on small collections on a regular basis.

The Interactions program has featured Kid Cudi, Suzanne Koller, Brain Dead, JJJJound, Carhartt WIP, Goop, Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Chesnais. Today, A.P.C. is proud to present its new Interaction with Sacai, the Japanese brand founded in 1999 by Chitose Abe, famous for her innovative and experimental hybrid clothing. For this essentially unisex collection, available from XXS to XL, A.P.C. and Sacai had fun mixing their logos, resulting in: SA.P.C.AI.

The focus was then placed on uniting the iconic materials of each brand, denim and nylon, in order to bring a new approach to A.P.C.’s star clothing: jeans, the denim jacket, the denim dress and even the denim tote bag. Likewise, for jersey, Sacai sparked a small revolution by adding complexity to classic A.P.C. tees and sweatshirts with zipper effects and a choice of very heavyweight materials.

Finally, the silhouette was completed with sandals and white fringe sneakers.

As Jean Touitou explains, “This Interaction is a precise illustration of how A.P.C. and Sacai came together, inter- weaving diverse elements of language to achieve a sort of crossbreed that represents the style of our two brands. These pieces are unusual for us, as they push the limits of what we might call ‘wearability’ as far as possible. They are the fruit of a long process of creative deconstruction and reconstruction. We got enormous pleasure from seeing this clothing being taken apart and redesigned.

And to quote Maurice Blanchot, referring to the novel Destroy, She Said by Marguerite Duras: ‘Destroy. How this rings: softly, tenderly, absolutely.’ (Maurice Blanchot, Friendship, 1971). This is exactly what we felt when we achieved this work.”

The photos of this collection were shot by Tim Elkaïm under the artistic direction of Suzanne Koller.

Collection available from March 19, 2021.