The Opera House

Once upon a time, there was an imaginative visionary who organized a polyhedral expedition inside the most unexplored and prehistoric Sardinia to bring back the old glories of an opera house, now submerged by the waters of a lake.

He is followed by characters of all kinds and personalities united by a passion for adventure, nature and a love for Il bel canto. In the winding path from the sea to the middle of the earth, the sand, dove gray and camouflage colored explorers, together with flowers and paintings, meet authentic and variegated indigenous people who love to wear multicolored roses, light laces, aqua-colored tulli and milk-white damasks interlocked with the legacies of the magical Opera House.

Backdrops of bucolic landscapes, brocades, embroidery, inlays and decorations indicate a glorious past.

Will the arias of the great heroines of the Opera return to resonate in the center of Sardinia? Will Tosca, Alda, Medea, Turandot, Violetta, Norma, Azucena and Lady Macbeth return to animate the most fabulous Opera House in the center of the Mediterranean sea?

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