This year’s ASSC x fragment drop represents the brand’s third collaboration with the multidisciplinary Japanese imprint and continued role in fragment’s history of highly hyped collaborations. 

From Anti Social Social Club: “Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of streetwear, needs no introduction. Anti Social Social Club is excited to partner with his label, fragment design, for their third collaboration. At 33 pieces, this is our largest collaboration to date. We hope that the fusion of two of streetwear’s most iconic logos become instant collector’s items.”

The collection features 3 unique graphics melding the ASSC and fragment logos in hoodies, crewnecks, tees, mesh shorts, coaches jackets, and hats. Prices range from $55 to $119.

fragment design is an imprint from Japanese multidisciplinary artist and designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. Known as the father of the Ura-Harajuku fashion scene, fragment has forged groundbreaking collaborations of design, culture and fashion in streetwear and beyond. With fragment design, Hiroshi Fujiwara has collaborated with names including Anti Social Social Club, Stüssy, Off-White™, Supreme, Converse, Nike, and many more. 

ASSC remains a canvas for leading designers in streetwear, like Fujiwara. With this latest collaboration, ASSC continues to be the medium of choice for top creatives across all disciplines to bring their imprints direct to the streetwear consumer. As a collection, ASSC x fragment melds two iconic streetwear logos in one product.