The Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) x NASA collaboration collection represents a unique fusion of streetwear and space exploration aesthetics. The brands teamed up to drop their inaugural collection on Saturday, June 1st at 8 AM PT exclusively on the ASSC website. The collection is priced between $18 to $225.

This limited-edition line showcases ASSC’s signature bold graphics and style, paired with NASA’s iconic logos and space-themed designs. The collection features an array of apparel including hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, and accessories, all adorned with distinctive co-branding that merges the cutting-edge, rebellious vibe of ASSC with NASA’s legacy of innovation and exploration.

“Anti Social Social Club and NASA team up for the first time ever, with an array of standout apparel and accessories. Inspiration for the collection came from NASA’s exemplary photo archive, as well as their iconic logo symbolizing innovation and new frontiers.”