The design Sanne Oliver debuts ‘FREUDIAN GLITCH: FANTASIA 2024’ as a comment on dreaming and dissonant ideals, with the launch of new garments for the Anonymous Club brand. 

‘FREUDIAN GLITCH: FANTASIA 2024’ was presented by Anonymous Club at Tempodrom as part of INTERVENTION II during Berlin Fashion Week. With this collection, Shayne Oliver continues to expand his previous experiments on jersey, Terry and rubber-wear, as well as a brand new line of printables inspired by the designer’s exploration into classic streetwear motifs from New York while making nods to similar movements internationally. 

‘FREUDIAN GLITCH: FANTASIA’ is about dreams and the dichotomy between one’s aspirations and their present-day experience. Dreaming is a liminal subject matter. It’s one site within Freud’s psychoanalytic theories wherein the subconscious manifests a sense of truth underneath whatever we may feel. With these ideas ‘FREUDIAN GLITCH: FANTASIA’ emerges in Oliver’s runway in the form of drapings and colorways inspired by the designer’s interest in Walt Disney, compounded by the usage of latex materials that evoke a certain extremism and darkness that may feel contradictory, yet function harmoniously. The printables from the collection — which draw deliberately from Oliver’s background in streetwear— tease at this tension further, notably in the dunce baby and “TART” graphics featured on t-shirts seen on the runway. The collection highlights dreams and the dichotomy between one’s aspirations and their present-day experience.

The collection was presented inside Tempodrom’s arena stage with a spaced out layout intended to heighten the audience’s perception of distance and alienation with a cartoonish orchestral soundtrack scored by Billy Bultheel, Total Freedom, and Suutoo. 

Anonymous Club ‘FREUDIAN GLITCH: FANTASIA 2024’ was made possible with the support of The Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and Reference Studios.