Existence is fluid.
So are identities.
There is power in indefiniteness and that’s what Ann Demeulemeester
stands for and explores. In such ambiguity, of dressing, being and
behaving, possibility linger, opportunities multiply.

A collection that offers the freedom to be as one wants, boundlessly; to
build personal mindscapes, and dress them accordingly, using items of
clothing that are attentively defined as to appear undefined, enticing
ways to play with each piece as to make it one’s own.
Not one way, but many ways. Making things, using the hands, creating
one’s own uniform. Uniforms of non uniformity: each one suited to
one’s own behavior and personality, exploring the efficiency of utility,
deconstructing shapes through belting and layering, letting sharpness
liquefy into softness, firmness into airiness, opacity into transparency.
Introspection as the trigger of all actions. A sense of presence and the
lightness of dematerialization.

Identity: the sensuality of being in one’s own skin, indefinitely.