An extraordinary rebellious energy, a “hot” revolution for determined self-assertiveness, all embodied in ANIYE RECORDS’ new romantic heroine.

An army of women who join forces to combat, elegantly and lightheartedly, the stereotypes of conformism. Figures wrapped in light chiffon and delicate lace embellished with rhinestones. From them, a strong and gritty identity emerges, a sensuality that with its irreverence challenges the symbols of power. This is combative femininity.

A new interpretation of military style as a means to explore other worlds and imagine being part of them, clothes that convey confidence and which exude a sense of belonging to a well-defined style. A look that has been “stolen” from the world of men, which asserts itself with elegance and decisiveness both on the catwalk and on the street.

The new SS24 ANIYE RECORDS collection has jaunty grit as it moves confidently towards a fresh dimension of femininity. A military style whose details have been remodelled, with finer fabrics, softer features, and gentler volumes. Volumes leading to escapism, long ruffles that stretch the boundaries in a race to the expression of untameable charm; bows like little medals that enhance the value of sensuality.

Gorgeous mesh wraps the rebellious soul, golden buttons seal pockets full of new dreams, delicate tabs embellish romantic bustiers and light mini-dresses, crop jackets and over blazers protect delicate tulle and lace bodysuits. Transparent fabrics and plunging necklines hint at an elegant perversion.

The new ANIYE RECORDS woman doesn’t try to escape reality but moves determinedly towards the conquest of a new freedom.