“I aimed to delve into the shared factor among all humans: our authentic essence and primal instincts. It’s the concept that a spirit animal resides beneath the intricate layers of our truest selves.” 

– Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo 

Animalique, the new perfume from Byredo, gets you in touch with your wild side, as this dazzlingly layered scent metamorphoses from sparkling citrus top notes, to warm, sensual florals—before taking a final plunge into the feral atmosphere of suede, amber and tobacco leaf. We each contain multitudes: Animalique is a fragrance for the many-selved you that is always, forever, a story unfolding. 

With an accord of top leather that melts into the skin, Animalique plugs into the common element in all humanity: our authentic essence and primal instincts. Here is where inhibition shatters, and reality and fantasy fuse and we emerge from the synthesis some gorgeous mythic creature. It’s the feeling of euphoric dancing under disco lights, of biological, illogical attraction, of being carried away by the great sweep of vibration. The real freaks are the ones who never let their freak flag fly.