Anetha marks a significant milestone in her career with the release of her solo album under her own label. The much-anticipated MTY-010 opus, consisting of 10 compelling tracks, is not only a celebration of Anetha’s decade-long journey in the music industry but also commemorates the fifth anniversary of the label.

Anetha is a person of many talents, the artist, DJ, producer, label manager, talent agency co-founder, and trained architect who shares her critical insights into the music industry and society. With this bold move, MTY-010 – «Mothearth» is poised to be a platform through which Anetha shares her contemplations and viewpoints with the world, representing a significant moment of artistic revelation and self-expression. With the release, the world is set for Anetha to take center stage and make a personal profound statement. 

Her very personal album MTY-010 « Mothearth » is an expression of Anetha’s authentic self. With this piece of art, she covers vulnerable topics like self-acceptance, but also confronts toxic masculinity and advocates sustainability. Throughout the entirety of her album, Anetha channels the myriad experiences that have shaped her into the woman she is today, inviting listeners into her personal odyssey and presenting a visionary perspective of an ideal future. 

The album serves as a declarative statement for Anetha, an assertion that she wants to explore the entire spectrum of electronic music. From the pulsating beats of acid to the rhythmic allure of techno, the flirtations with house melodies, the deep introspection of mental and trance, and the energizing rhythms of drum and bass, Anetha fearlessly traverses diverse musical landscapes. Embarking on a transformative juncture in her artistic journey, Anetha has discovered a newfound boldness by choosing to amplify her voice, even lending her own vocals to the narrative. 
Even as she dares to incorporate elements of old-school cheesy anthems, the album becomes a testament to her versatility and mastery of multiple genres. Anetha has meticulously crafted each track, drawing from her passion for a variety of genres she loves to showcase in her live sets, thereby spotlighting her exceptional range of musical skills. From her musical influences and personal growth, « MTY-010 – Mothearth » stands as a comprehensive embodiment of Anetha’s artistic virtuosity.

The artwork has been entrusted to visual artist Elmo Mistiaen, who delivered powerful images of the dystopian vision that «Mothearth» is. The graphic and jewellery designer managed to create surreal images using AI techniques and his obsession with insects and animals to form organic shapes and weird biological forms and organisms.

In her pursuit of manifesting this visionary world, Anetha has enlisted the collaboration of the visual AI artist AIdesign. Together, they conceive a captivating narrative set in a dystopian realm where a woman emerges as a prominent figure, symbolizing a world that has finally embraced the virtues of femininity and values centered around care. This collaboration not only underscores Anetha’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries but also reflects her confidence and sense of accomplishment as an artist in the throes of metamorphosis. 

In this animated artwork for Anetha and Mothearth, the mutation and transformation take a whole other meaning. This composition takes root in realistic images, 3D and generative render that merges Anetha into the figure of a mother where she finds her place between reality and mysticism.