BIMBA Y LOLA announces the launch of a limited-edition series of our Chihuahua bag created in collaboration with Mexican artist Ana Leovy. The collection becomes a leather canvas for Ana to reinterpret those crazy-cute dogs in her own unique style.

Half-human and half-dog, and expressed in a bright, vibrant palette, Ana’s Chihuahuas are mythic and dream-like. Her stylized figures channel the Chihuahua spirit in all its glory: friendly, fierce, strange, and big-hearted. Small dog, BIG personality.

The collaboration kicked off with a bang at the Contemporary Art Fair in Mexico Zona MACO last February, and following this grand introduction, photographer Pia Riverola ventured to Ana’s studio to capture her creative process surrounded by the many books, artworks and objects that inspire her.
Chihuahuas with a front-row seat in the art world.