13 rue de la Paix is the place of origin and collective memory, part of a trio that includes the two other temples: New Bond Street in London and 5th Avenue in New York.

This sanctuary of Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier was the birthplace of much of Cartier’s aesthetic and creative style, singular and plural, unique and universal, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the treasures of the past and the future. A complete reinvention, the new building unveiled today belongs to no one period in time but respects them all. It favours no one style but celebrates them all. A free and theatrical interpretation of Parisian codes, it offers a sublimated, poetic and timeless version of the capital, its rooftops, its perspectives and its secret treasures. This architectural vision is that of the entire Cartier style, which finds its power in all eras and all cultures in order to capture the beauty and universality of each one. Apollonian and Dionysian beauty, purity and generosity. Generous volumes and a tribute to light, a place for living and meeting, for creation and imagination, 13 Paix invites you on a precious journey into the heart of the Cartier  Universe. This introverted architecture makes it an intimate setting for exceptional jewels and unforgettable moments. The future past of our memory is conjugated and subjugated to the past perfect.

The place of origins

Within the Cartier galaxy, there are a few major planets: historical and stylistic landmarks of the Maison, places of memory and places of life that radiate and inspire the entire constellation. On this map of mythical boutiques, three “temples” share their pulse with this universe: the Mansion in New York, New Bond Street in London and 13 rue de la Paix in Paris. These are the three historical addresses, the three roots of the tree, the three stylistic and  memorial sources of the Maison. In this almost-sacred trinity, 13 Paix holds a unique place in Cartier’s history. It was here, in 1899, that Louis Cartier – who had just joined his father Alfred – decided to give the family business a Parisian base to reflect the exceptional destiny he would build for it. 13 Paix is both the birthplace and the matrix of all inspirations. The address from which everything starts, and to which one always ends up returning. A real home.

The setting of a living memory

The history of this unique address, which began on the eve of the 20th century, is inseparable from the invention of modernity and its perpetual movement. A great witness to the vibrations and sometimes the turbulence of the century, 13 Paix has always been a place of human and creative abundance. In direct contact with the City of Light and its intense cultural and diplomatic life, the boutique has welcomed exceptional personalities from all over the  world, hosted artists from all horizons, inspired the poets, and offered its interiors for film shoots several times… It’s at the heart of this hectic life that some of the greatest trends in Cartier style emerged. It’s here, on this street that was so popular with the elegant and high society, behind this majestic black marble façade that made a lasting impression from the moment of its inauguration, where Jeanne Toussaint set up her office, and where the most memorable pages of the Maison’s creative history were written.

A maison

For the first time in its history, this building, where the entire Cartier universe unfolds, has been designed in a spirit of openness and sharing. Now, even its previously-secret spaces beneath the rooftops will welcome loyal clients and friends of the Maison. 

The new number 13 is reinterpreted as a living symbol of the Maison while preserving the façade and the key elements of its identity. Radiance, verticality and modernity: this triptych forms the basis upon which three teams of architects, all previous Cartier collaborators who know the Maison perfectly, have harmonised their efforts to reinvent the building together. The boutique itself occupies the ground and the first two floors of the building, while the third floor is dedicated to the wide range of services  available to our clients. The fourth floor houses the High Jewellery workshops, and on the fifth and top floor are the Archives, the winter garden, and the Residence: an exclusive space designed as a space for living, entertaining and hosting cultural events. The entire project, which opens up the space to natural light, has been designed to ensure the sustainability of the building and to meet all the conditions for obtaining the highest grade of BREEAM environmental certification in the near future. 

The new 13 Paix is a place of both wonder and exploration. It has been designed to come to life, allowing it to be as much a pleasure to discover as it is to find. Both spectacular and familiar, grandiose and moving, it is the ideal setting for the Maison’s creations and a beloved address for its clients, teams and friends.