To our delight, Jaane Jain’s photography will be exhibited at De Open Dag, hosted at Cafe De School in Amsterdam. The event will be held on May 3rd, starting at 19:30 and continuing until later into the night.

Jaane Jain is an Indian photographer based in Amsterdam, who channels cultural fashion imagery in his work. Having lived in Dubai and India during his formative years, he was immersed in diverse cultures, which has piqued his fascination in not only his own but also those that surround him.

Jaane’s photography presents each image as a distant memory. He attributes the romantic aesthetic of his work to his deeper emotions and longing for faint memories, and his photographs are recognized for their minimal yet bold compositions.

Throughout the exhibition, Jaane will showcase a diverse range of his work, featuring multiple projects that span from experimental shoots to editorial commissions.

Immerse yourself in Jaane’s captivating photography and experience his unique perspective on cultural fashion imagery.

photography JAANE JAIN
talent REILLY (Gem Faces)
makeup LINDA