Dating app NousLib makes an unforgettable entrance in the Netherlands.

Are you ready for the hottest dating app ever? On 19 September, the sexiest pop-up event by French phenomenon NousLib will occur at the sultry Bar Rouge, known for its Parisian allure. The pop-up experience, which is open to the public in honour of its launch on 19 September, offers consumers a glimpse into the seductive world of the wildly popular dating app that encourages singles and couples to explore their sexuality – both alone and with their partner and always with mutual trust and respect.

The app, which goes live in the Netherlands on 19 September, is top-rated in France with over 2.5 million users. The pop-up hosts exciting game viewings of the app while enjoying aphrodisiac snacks. In addition, you can participate in provocative yet beautiful discussions about sex and its effects on mental health with speakers Gwen van Poorten, Milou Deelen and Isabella Machin è.

NousLib sets itself apart from other dating sites and apps by breaking taboos. Whether you are single, in a relationship or want to explore your sexual boundaries on video, everyone is welcome on the platform. NousLib is all about fun and purity. You only open an account together as a couple, so it remains an honest platform. No complications, pure pleasure.

CEO Alan Bento said:
“We are looking forward to the official launch and pop-up in Amsterdam. After France, the Netherlands is the first country where we are launching the app. We are curious to see if the Dutch live up to their open-minded reputation.”

Times of the talks:
14:00: hours: Isabell a Machinè
16:00: Milou Deelen
17:30: Gwen van Poorten