In celebration of 5th anniversary of Berlin’s favourite queer event.

“The Collective Capsule” is a celebration and tribute to the unique Mala Junta and it’s impact on Berlin’s vibrant contemporary queer scene as well as a reflection of the core principles of these two collectives, which serve as a mirror for the society we want to push forward.

The package features a 12″ vinyl record composed of 4 tracks from Mala Junta’s residents Hyperaktivist, Yazzus, DJ Tool, and D.Dan, as well as two compilations featuring Roza Terenzi, Jensen Interceptor, Mohajer, Peachlyfe, Francois X, Narciss to name a few..

AE-MJ-001 Comp. Vol I
AE-MJ-001 EP

Listen: here

About the two collectives:
Amniote Editions, founded in 2019, and run by DJ and music industry creative Tanya Akinola aka T-N and DJ Mama Snake, serves as a platform for different creative content to accompany the music as the main output, always released as capsules. The label challenges ways of presenting sound and serves as an outlet for various creative ideas of the founders, directors, and collaborators. Profoundly rooted within visual arts, thanks to the design and artworks by Rose Marie Johansen and graphic design studio Alexis Mark.

Mala Junta is an intense and intimate underground queer party from Berlin that focuses on old-school, fast, funky, and sassy techno, trance, electro, and breakbeats. Over the years, Mala Junta has become one of the most talked-about and dearest Berlin raves. The party was founded around the idea of “Taking people back to the days where it all began” intending to bring back the feeling of freedom, protest, and celebration of the early 90’s rave era and connect it with the unique energy of the contemporary queer community.

Also marking Amniote Editions’ return to graphic design studio Alexis Mark, who was part of the birthing of the platform and now presents their first cover design as a multilayer 12″ gift. The record is wrapped in a beautiful poster and protected by a limited edition screen-printed PVC sleeve. The capsule will be available for pre-order on Bandcamp and vinyl in selected record stores.