AMI and Magnum Photos collaborate to create a photographic project on the subject of family.

The Parisian fashion brand AMI teamed up with Magnum Photos for an extraordinary collaboration, and commissioned thirteen members of the renowned photography agency, along with two guest video artists, to interpret the theme of family. This partnership, FAMILY, culminates in a traveling exhibition that will be held in four cities around the globe and a book published by Flammarion.

Cao Fei

The Concept

AMI continues to affirm its place on the cultural and artistic scene with FAMILY, its first collaboration with Magnum Photos. AMI gave carte blanche to thirteen of the agency’s photographers and two guest artists to address, through photographs and video, the concept of family, an essential subject that lies at the core of the brand’s identity and philosophy. Each photographer approached the theme in their own way, interpreting it with complete artistic freedom. The artists, who hail from twelve different countries, provide an international dimension to the project.

A selection from among seventy-four photographs and original works, and two short films, are the basis of a pop-up traveling exhibition that will be held in four international cultural hubs.

The photographs from this collaboration between AMI and Magnum Photos have been compiled in a volume published by Flammarion.

The Traveling Exhibition

The FAMILY exhibition will be on display over several days in select art galleries around the world. The exhibition will travel to the following cities starting in Fall 2022:

Paris: from September 30 to October 2, 2022 Miami: November-December 2022, during Art Basel Shanghai: 2023
Kyoto: 2023

For the opening in each city, a special event will bring together guests from the art and fashion worlds, as well as friends of the brand.

The Book

To promote FAMILY—the collaborative and international project—images by the photographers of Magnum Photos agency and the guest artists are featured in an art book published by Flammarion.
In the book FAMILY, the photographers and video artists express, in nearly two hundred pages, their personal, intimate, and poignant vision of family.

Together, these photographs form a tapestry of modern familial relationships. The book has been custom designed with exceptional production details.

The cloth-covered Swiss binding with foil stamping features an unattached spine and wrap- around cover, which allows the book to open perfectly flat to best appreciate the works. Two horizontal double gatefolds and two vertical gatefolds provide a panoramic view of works by four contributors. The book will be available at the traveling exhibition venues and in fine bookstores worldwide.

“Photography is one of my favorite art forms—I love the stories it tells; I love the lives, the moments, the places that it features; I love the reflection that it inevitably evokes. That’s why FAMILY is a project that I care about deeply. Collaborating with the iconic Magnum Photos agency and its talented artists was an extraordinary experience. It was also a unique opportunity to be able to put into images the theme of family in the broadest sense—which is so essential to the genesis and the quotidian of AMI—and to be able to promote the authentic values that characterize our brand since its inception.” —Alexandre Mattiussi, Founder and Creative Director, AMI

Alessandra Sanguinetti