Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI’s creative director, has given free rein to London-based designer Alan Croceffi to design a line of jewelry for AMI’s Fall Winter 22 collection.

In an exclusive artistic collaboration, Alexandre Mattiussi and iewelry designer Alan Crocetti have reinterpreted the Ami de Coeur, the brand’s celebrated symbol, a capital A crowned with a heart. Love, respect, friendship and inclusion: the core values of AMI are in syntony with those of Alan Crocetti and have served as guidelines during the creative process.

The collaboration is part of AMI’ Fall Winter 22 collection. Designed around the symbolic theme of the heart, contemporary pieces in sterling silver (some adorned with crystal stones) include unisex rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

“l have been following Alan’s creations for some time now. His universe is unique, very personal and sexy, I love his extremely well-designed work. I wanted AMI’s new collection to feature an elegant line of iewelry, simple yet with a strong identity. Together with Alan, we decided to start with the heart, as it is a symbol at the core of AMI’s history and signature. Alan keeps pushing boundaries, and I truly believe that he is the most creative iewelry designer of his generation.” Alexandre Mattiussi, Founder and Creative Director, AMI

“For our first Ami collaboration I decided to emphasize the true meaning of the 2 directional hearts. Both Ami and Alan Crocetti share the same ethos. One that embraces the meaning of Love. In iewelry it is said that if you wear a ring with its front towards you it means you wear it for yourself and the opposite way to show it to someone else. With this iewelry collection you have the hearts facing both ways conveying the idea that you got to love yourself the same way you proiect and give love to others. Alan Crocetti, Founder and Creative Director, Alan Crocetti.

The capsule will be available in the AMI stores around the world, as well as on the brand’s online shop at starting in September 19th .