Once again, photographer Julia Champeau immortalises the spring/summer 2020 collection on film.

In the streets of a Mediterranean city, she captures for just a moment this luminous, unique, urban atmosphere, steeped in history. Trailing  close  behind  Lily  Taieb,  Devon  Ross  and  Étienne  de  Testa… The  wanderings  of  these  three  new  faces  reflect  their style. Between the rigorous Bauhaus architecture and the warm softness of sunbeams. First and foremost, in this singular encounter between past and present, the friends represent a moment like the anti-heroes of a Larry Clark film, draped in nonchalance.

The oversized shapes and 90s sportswear take their inspirations in the past to tell stories of the present. The freedom to wear anything. Girl or boy, depending on your mood. The outfits match and mismatch. There are no more rules. It’s a state of mind. Omnipresent, cotton enwraps bodies and enhances movements. Denim, gabardine, poplin. Striding forward in canvas sneakers on the pavement or in the sand.