Rooted in the DNA of American Vintage from the very start, the brand’s unisex approach to clothing takes a twin turn this season. Masculine and feminine cover their tracks and reinvent their own rules.

Shared materials, swapped pieces, same cuts. Between a man’s and a woman’s wardrobe, interchange organic cotton tees or oversized polos. In a range of vintage colours, you’ll love the softness of cotton fleece, the sharper lines of a zipped mock polo neck or the rectilinear geometry of sportswear zippers that stand out on gender-fluid silhouettes.

In autumn, the sizing also pairs up to better adapt to each individual. A matching ensemble, in the form of a suit, denim overalls, a long wool coat or a technical bomber jacket, comes together in a new symbiosis. Crafted for men and women, the iconic brand materials, in cotton and knitwear, declare a mutual and unique harmony, echoing the reinterpreted basics of the House.