For the Fall/Winter 2023/2024 campaign, American Vintage visited Antwerp and photographed the new collection. The dynamic shoot drew inspiration from the city’s energy and the 90s, showcasing items with vibrant colors and patterns.


With its cobblestone streets, red-brick buildings, and modern design, Antwerp offers a rich backdrop. The city’s center has been a hub for cultural, commercial, and maritime exchanges for centuries, where people meet, share joys, and sorrows. Young children, dancers, DJs, and musicians set the rhythm for this special, vibrant, and colorful AMV campaign.


This season, American Vintage chose a photographer with a contemporary flair that perfectly matched Antwerp, its residents, and its styles. During a streetcasting, Luca Campri photographed 21 people with at least as many different looks. For the American Vintage Fall/Winter 2023/2024 collection, he captured Emily Jeanne, Noah, Arrish, Malaika, Bruce, and Maude in bold prints and patterns combined with neo-punk trends, highlighting the tailored female designs.

Powerful neon pieces come together to create an unstructured streetwear and slightly oversized look. And, as always, there is a fantastic denim collection: the YOP series is available in three washes, while the looser-fitting BLIN is dyed in yellow.

“American Vintage stands for a lifestyle, a mentality. The brand doesn’t want to impose a certain look but aims to help everyone express their own personality. This season, we asked photographer Luca Campri to reinterpret our style and capture our encounters in Antwerp.”

— Jenny Lazzarelli, Image Director American Vintage.


This season, American Vintage’s timeless collection has evolved, and the essentials have been given a fresh update. Checks, stripes, and other prints make a comeback, appearing in various textures. The contemporary DNA remains the same, with subtle stitches breathing new life into the basics. Denim, jersey, knitwear, and knit are adorned with prints and colorful woven labels. The Pufferjacks come in neon colors, and the coats are colorful, long, and thick.

“Our new collection is for people who dare, are self-confident, love, connect, live, and celebrate uninhibited emotions, movement, and friction.”

— Jenny Lazzarelli, Image Director American Vintage.