The EXHALE family have just completed the first leg of their roaring debut residency at DC10, and have been met with a community hungry for the future sounds of techno. Amelie and EXHALE’s residents have completed two shows so far with three remaining across August, featuring sets from Anetha, Chris Liebing, Ellen Allien, Dax J, and more.

“Ibiza definitely needed this” – Alessandro Bonito, EXHALE fan

The renowned party series’ debut has been met with praise from revellers on the island, with many celebrating the arrival of techno to the white isles, “The way that the community includes the ravers, so much fun! Ibiza definitely needed this”. EXHALE has already created their signature stamp of surprise B2B’s at the end of each show. Week 1 saw Amelie play B2B with Kobosil & Airod, following an explosive week 2 featuring Dax J x Farrago x Dana Montana and Milo Spykers, who details the moment as an “exceptionally memorable edition” of the event.

The remaining shows will take place on August 17th, 24th and 31st with the current line-ups and surprise B2B only to be revealed on the night.

Join the Ibiza techno revolution and experience the last of EXHALE @ DC10 by heading to DICE. Keep up to date by following EXHALE on Instagram.