After the success of their first collaboration eyewear, Gentle Monster and Ambush are reuniting to launch their new collection. Minimal yet edgy, this collection is inspired by 'climbing', featuring two sunglass designs each with three color options and a 'CARABINER' detail that highlights two brands' identities.

Ambush's creative director YOON has remarked "Gentle Monster has been incredible with its unique vision and presence in the industry, pumping out many unique pieces straight from Korea, my motherland. I'm proud to announce our second collaboration using our classic motifs found in our jewelry line, 'carabiner'."

GroovyRoom and Ash Island are joining the campaign by creating the Ambush x Gentle Monster collaboration track. Starting from Ash Island's DAZED editorial revealed on June 21st to the release of the collaboration track and music video in early July (July 9th), this new collaboration connects components of fashion and music, tying them all together reversibly.

This collaboration collection will be released on July 8th worldwide, sold at Gentle Monster and Ambush's on/offline stores, and global select shops.