AMA. AMARE. AMORE (LOVING. TO LOVE. LOVE). Three simple yet essential, boundless, vital words. And these three words must have been on Anastasiia Masiutkina D’Ambrosios mind, a designer of Ukrainian origin, but a citizen of the world, sensitive and cosmopolitan, when she chose to create her first brand of handbags: AMA BAGS.It is common knowledge that the relationship between a woman and her handbag is more than a mere bond between a human being and a fashion accessory; the handbag becomes a friend, a vessel and confidant of memories and daily upsets of which we are often ashamed, an ally with which to face the day from morning till evening.

Anastasia Masiutkina knows this very well, and that is why when she thought of the ideal bag, she was inspired both by the iconic and timeless appeal of the great classics of leather goods and by the practical needs of contemporary women: workers, mothers, friends, unstoppable and too often in a hurry, unable to change style during the day, and therefore in need of smart accessories to boost her confidence at all time.

The AMA BAGS collections are entirely made in Italy by skilled craftsmen in small workshops, which is why each final product can be considered a unique object.

The ‘Classic Collection’ as suggested already by the name, is inspired by design and color palette by the discreet and at times minimal luxury of Made in Italy and of the city of Milan in particular: a concept of luxury that is never shouted but on the contrary delicately insinuates itself into the heart of every woman and is destined to stay there because it is both reliable and functional.

The ‘Disco Bag Collection’, on the other hand, is dyed in pop and vitamin colors and allows itself to be carried away by the wild rhythms of vibrant dance floors until late at night; available in two versions, large and mini – truly irresistible.

The latest arrival, the ‘Costiera Collection’ immediately evokes Mediterranean cues, days at the sea with salty skin and that Italian Dolcevita that we still dream of so much. Warm colors and contrasting Bamboo details, the ‘Costiera Collection’ is available in two versions, large and mini, and looks like the must-have summer accessory, from the sea to the city.

Finally, the brand already has its first offer of small leather goods, with a collection of colorful wallets available in two different sizes. A world, that of AMA Bags, in rapid expansion, ready to win the hearts of women around the world thanks precisely to the love it harbors toward them.