Last year, Amsterdam based entrepreneurs Gino Taselaar and Nils Paar launched Microdose Pro. Their goal: to make microdosing of truffles accessible and provide a trusted platform. Having experienced and praised the positive effects of microdosing for years, the entrepreneurs decided that – especially during this difficult and unprecedented period – it was time to share their golden ticket with the rest of the world and develop a user-friendly and safe product. Microdose Pro was born.

Why Microdosing?

People who apply microdosing psilocybin to their daily routine state they experience more awareness and have an overall better mood. They feel more comfortable in their own skin and describe an increase in creativity and productivity. This helps with feelings such as anxiety or even depression.

Microdosing can also be a good addition to your workout as it boosts your cognitive functions which leads to better sports performances. Because you listen better to your own body and your own needs you will see an improve in your work out habits. Another benefit is that microdosing also helps staying away from coffee: it gives you a healthy and natural dose of energy!

What's the effect?

Important to highlight is that consuming a small dose of psilocybin does not cause hallucinogenic or other psychedelic effects. However, the truffles do have a positive effect on your mood, creativity and general well-being. Microdosing has been used in the creative industry for years and many entrepreneurs, for example in Silicon Valley, have embraced psilocybin.

Whether it is about self-development, your relationships with others or just to improve your performance at work, with microdosing you are able to get more out of your daily life.

Microdose Pro offers one strip of six doses of psilocybin truffles. Each dose contains one gram of truffles. A strip costs € 14.00. Depending on the microdosing protocol that you follow, you can use this for three weeks. Oh and a good thing is that it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Do you prefer to start microdosing with some professional guidance? Together with Neuropsychologist Djai Baaten, Microdose Pro offers coaching programs for groups from  € 50.00 per person or an individual session for €70.00.