Breakout pop sensation Alexander Stewart has released his new single ‘he never will.’ The track is taken from his forthcoming EP ‘if you only knew’ which will be released Friday, December 8th. 

You can listen to ‘he never will’ here and pre-save the EP here.

‘if you only knew’ finds Alexander baring his soul as he details his trials and tribulations in love and in friendship, as well as navigating the challenges of mental health. The EP will feature six tracks all co-written by Alexander, including the viral pop smash ‘i wish you cheated.’

“This year has been a huge roller coaster for me. The journey as an independent artist is so much of a hustle, and to be able to finally put out this body of work is incredibly rewarding and exciting. I’ve poured so much emotion into this EP. It’s turned into such a beautiful snapshot of this time in my life, and I can’t wait for my fans to hear these stories.”

Alexander Steward

Co-written by Alexander, ‘he never will’ builds upon what Alexander does best and embraces the big, bold pop of his influences. The track blends anthemic drums with his signature soaring vocals, becoming yet another heartbreaking hit in his discography.

“ ‘he never will’ is the first song I’ve written from the third person, and it’s about a friend who’s in a relationship you know isn’t going to be good for them in the end. There comes a point, as their friend, when you have to decide how honest you’re going to be. This song is about seizing that moment, helping a friend realise their worth and ultimately not letting them get taken for granted.”

Alexander Steward