To illustrate the fact that creativity emerges from countless perspectives, Alexander McQueen invites a group of twelve artists to express their individual working practices inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2022 women’s pre-collection.

Each artist has chosen a look from the collection and responded to it through their preferred medium, engaging in a creative dialogue with the house. All have been given complete creative freedom resulting in a rich conversation between their work and the selected looks. The artworks are conceived to be displayed alongside the McQueen pieces they relate to in a temporary installation designed to showcase the individual approaches and the ways in which artworks and looks interact.

“I wanted to engage in a new creative dialogue with the collection this season and see how the artists interpreted the work that we created in the studio. It’s been very interesting to see how creativity has sprung from so many different perspectives, and the outcomes that have been varied and beautiful. We wanted the artists to have total freedom to respond to the looks, creating bold and thought-provoking conversations with their works. I hope that viewers will be as inspired as we have all been by witnessing these creative processes.”

– Sarah Burton, Creative Director

The artists are:

Ann Cathrin November Høibo, Beverly Semmes, Bingyi, Cristina de Middel, Guinevere van Seenus, Hope Gangloff, Marcia Kure, Jackie Nickerson, Jennie Jieun Lee, Judas Companion, Marcela Correa, Marcia Michael


Punk boots in black leather and burnished red and anthracite with a silver metal toe-cap. Chain sandals in black and ivory leather with a chain embellished toe-strap and a pin heel. Ankle-strap low-cut Punk pumps in black, Welsh red, blue and ivory leather with a silver metal toe-cap. Buckle Punk mules in black, electric blue, ivory and pop yellow leather. Low-cut Punk pumps in black and apricot leather. Double-buckle Punk sandals in black, ivory, apricot, electric blue and pop yellow leather. Strappy Arc sandals in black leather.


Asymmetric ear sets, sculptural ear cuffs, finely engraved coin medallions and hand-forged whistle charms in antique silver and gold metal. Oversized coin medallions, mirror lockets and single case holder pendants, stacked bracelets and graphic heart-shaped rings in antique silver and gold metal. Clean double rings with fine rope detailing in high shine silver and gold metal. Chain and crystal necklaces and ear sets, stacked bracelets and multi-rings set with jet crystal in dark ruthenium and antique silver metal.


The Four-Ring bag in black and Welsh red leather with a detachable silver metal chain strap. The Curve bag in black and tea rose and apricot leather. The Curve Pouch in apricot and black leather with a wristlet strap. The Bow bag in pop yellow, electric blue and black leather. The Four-Ring Clutch in silver and in black with crystal graffiti embroidery.