A continued focus on silhouette. Bold volumes and clean lines. Saturated colour and papercut prints. Echoes of Alexander McQueen womenswear run throughout.

Pieced and Patched boots in brown and black. Tread Slick Chelsea boots in red, chrome green, denim blue and ultramarine. Worker lace-up shoes and boots in black. Chunky chain jewellery including necklaces, bracelets and earrings in antique silver metal. Stone emblem jewellery, drop earrings and brooches set with jet glass doves and hearts in antique silver metal. Jewellery including multi-hoop ear hooks, rings and stacked bracelets engraved with oral and seasonal motifs including hearts, doves and the sun in antique silver metal.

The Edge tote with an embroidered logo in black leather. The McQueen Gra ti Tag camera bag and bottle pouch in ultramarine poly faille embroidered with the McQueen gra ti label.