Embracing its most adventurous spirit, Alanui sets sail for another memorable trip, this time to South Pole. Inspired by ancient explorations, the brand follows the path set by the  brightest stars, that not only chart the course, but also nourish the soul. There is something mystical and spiritual about the long, dark Antarctic night, lit by the Southern Cross constellation. In an environment untouched by the human presence, nature reigns with its inhabitants, especially the royal penguins and the irresistible seals. This inspiring frozen desert with its timeless allure becomes the absolute protagonist of Alanui’s latest collection for the cold season. 

A troop of penguins pops up on the legendary Icon high – definition cardigan, as well as on a new lightweight jacquard puffer jacket cut in an oversized silhouette. The adorable animals are also reproduced as intarsia on a cropped cardigan, a knitted hoodie and a crewneck, all further enriched by geometric motifs. 

Fascinating, poetic Antarctic nigh landscapes steal the spotlight on cashmere cardigans, also offered in an eclectic version featuring a creative patchwork of different patterns.  Taking inspiration from the polar night sky, motifs of graphic stars pepper alpaca styles, including oversized hoodies and high – slit dresses, and are mixed with mariniere stripes on brush cotton options. At the same time, crochet stars give shapes to feminine cropped sweaters and micro halter neck tops with straps to wrap around the body, while sparkling starred embroideries inject a hyper glamorous vibe into a padded anorak and a matching mini skirt. 

Constellations also project into an astrological world with zodiac wheels decorating both cardigans and the knitted inserts of cool patchwork denim pants and shirts. The 12 zodiac signs are shown on foulard patterns enriching pajama -like knitted sets.

Regenerated wool and alpaca yarns are knitted in fisherman motifs, highlighting Alanui’s continuous commitment towards sustainability and a more conscious approach, while alpaca patchworks in chic color combinations, lurex touches and fringed details give preciousness to a range of versatile styles adding discreet and sober elegance to the collection. In addition, corduroy and nylon are crafted for cool cargo pants and skirts, as well as shirts with a workwear feel. Revealing its most playful side, Alanui continues its collaboration with the Looney Tunes and Warner Bros. If Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner engage in their running gangs in a iced desert, Tweety and Sylvester are the protagonists of the “Freezy Peazy” frozen extravaganza. 

Last, but not least, Marvin the Martian is involved into a space odyssey in the Antarctic sky. Warming up the collection, fur touches not only embellish the outerwear offering, including a maxi coat and a bomber, both featuring knitted details, but also winter mules and hyper warm fringed booties. The footwear selection is enriched with Western boots and a leather combat boot with a chunky sole, fringes and metallic studs. Introduced with the summer collection, the luxury bag range expands with new styles and materials. The Icon Tote, originally crafted from soft leather tubulars, is now available also in Nylon and Teddy.