Alanui offers its own interpretation of the timeless look with a new line sitting at the pinnacle of high-end knitwear.

Alanui Finest debuts with the Fall/Winter 2023 season with a collection entirely crafted from an exclusive cashmere and silk blend, featuring a warm, cozy yet lightweight feel.

This new line, including both women’s and men’s styles, focuses on essential, effortless silhouettes developed using the most precious materials and upscale knitting techniques.

Focusing on a color palette of refined classic tones of black, midnight blue, dark gray and camel, the lineup shows versatile pieces that can be easily styled and that are designed with durability in mind.

The women’s collection features an essential coat with a tonal belt that stands out with its luxurious yet plush feel. The use of a cozy bouclé yarn crafted with English rib stitch, also employed for a turtleneck, enables to obtain a honeycomb flat surface inside the items, while giving roundness to the pieces for an overall sense of lightness and comfort.

Featuring a ribbed finishing, a crewneck sweater is crafted with a plain jersey stitch, while an Icon style cardigan, trimmed with discreet fringes and accessorized with a double belt, is crafted from a lighter cashmere and silk yarn treated with a double Milano stitch. This is also used for relaxed pants that are perfect to convey an elevated off-duty look.

The men’s collection is crafted using the English rib knitting technique. The outstanding items include an impeccable cardigan punctuated by real horn buttons, a crewneck sweater cut with a relaxed fit, as well as wide-legged cargo pants giving a luxurious touch to the utility look.

“With this new collection, we wanted to expand our offering with impeccable attention on craftsmanship. We challenged ourselves, as well as our artisans, to explore new techniques, focusing on the selection of precious and unique yarns, stitches and fits to create couture-like knitted masterpieces,” comments Alanui Creative Director Carlotta Oddi. “The result is a lineup of timeless and versatile items that transcend seasons and trends and that can become collectible.”

With the Alanui Finest line, Alanui reveals its most sophisticated face… without setting aside its experimental and laid-back approach.