Pieter Mulier’s fourth collection is an exploration of the meaning of Alaïa – its anatomy, its psychology, its soul. A collection structured around the celebration of the curve — a universal shape that praises the essence of femininity. Couture becomes sculpture, garments are shaped directly on the bodies, textures recall a second skin, influences are multiple — from Alaïa’s Tunisian origins to Pieter’s singular inspirations.

The SF23 collection was presented into Pieter Mulier’s own home in Antwerp. The clothes, like the space, are intimate, personal. The selfies became a ritual at Alaïa, used for the third season to reveal the looks. Like a spontaneous gesture of pure beauty.

Taken by the girls themselves, the selfies capture the profound sense of the whole collection. From the most emblematic silhouettes. To the newest accessories — belts, shoes, gloves. And the iconic Coeur bag transformed into a minaudière in a new metal version inspired by the dazzling light of a jewel.

For the first time, the girls also used a camera backstage. The film shares a rare vision of the collection through the subjective eyes of these essential protagonists. With a raw energy and an instinctive point of view. Together, the selfies and the film offer an intimate panorama of the SF23 collection by Pieter Mulier.