Air Afrique magazine, a new platform for Afro-diasporic art and conversation, has formed a special collaboration with Bottega Veneta. Inspired by the pan-African magazines of the 20th century, Air Afrique aims to provide a space for Afro-descendents to express their multicultural identity. The magazine will be launched with an event at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on June 23, 2023.

Named after the renowned pan-African airline that operated from 1961 to 2002, Air Afrique seeks to revive the cultural patronage and pan-African ideals embodied by the airline. Published in both French and English, the magazine will combine archival material from the airline’s cultural legacy with contemporary cultural expressions from French, French-Caribbean, and African artists and writers. Its goal is to transmit African cultural heritage, foster cross-border creativity, and stimulate discussions.

The Air Afrique collective, led by Founder and Creative Director Lamine Diaoune, comprises individuals passionate about preserving the heritage of Air Afrique and revitalizing its cultural significance. Bottega Veneta’s partnership will provide support through its brand name, platforms, and tailored events to help launch the magazine and connect engaged communities of readers.

In addition, Bottega Veneta will release a limited-edition series of blankets designed by Franco-Sudanese designer Abdel El Tayeb, specially commissioned to commemorate the launch of Air Afrique. El Tayeb Nation, the designer’s label, combines Sudanese craftsmanship with Western tailoring, aiming to create a space for Afro-descendents to express their multicultural identity. The Afro-futuristic blanket designs draw inspiration from the vibrant patterns of the traditional toub dress worn by El Tayeb’s mother, incorporating fine wool, silver leather, and shearling from the Bottega Veneta archive.

The Air Afrique collaboration exemplifies Bottega Veneta’s unique approach to print media partnerships, focusing on supporting new and revived cultural magazines. The brand’s commitment to cultural engagement dates back to its early days in 1972, when it became associated with New York’s creative community, including figures like Andy Warhol. Through this partnership, Bottega Veneta continues its legacy of supporting quality design, editorial rigor, and original visions in the world of print media.