Starting from 2 iconic structures of AGL, 8 limited edition styles were born: such as pumps with flower-shaped accessories, booties and boots with chain decorations, or buckles, or texan embroidery. Solid and strong base colors such as black and optical white and purple, mysterious and fantastic, bold and intended. Touches of gold and silver to give reflections of light.

This project was born out of a desire to engage with different, innovative creative minds, a desire to try new things.  Fate brought us to London and our all-female creative team was enriched with two amazing women, Katie Grand and Kristen McMenamy. The creative sessions became explosive thanks to Kristen’s talent. Her coolness, energy, love for shoes and details encouraged us to think outside the box by leading us into a world of wonder, a little dark yet a little innocent. Nothing would have been possible without Katie Grand who, with her sophisticated culture and intelligence, was able to bring together the souls that were involved to produce something exceptionally contemporary: the design of a feminine avant garde collaboration, full of personality. The AGL Kristen McMenamy collection stems from an obsession with shoes as the primary element in the construction of an outfit, becoming the protagonist of the outfit itself. It celebrates the freedom to be oneself always, the inconsistency and the thousand facets of a woman,” Giusti sisters.

 Kristen McMenamy: “Part of the magic of fashion is the exploration of imagination. Throughout my career, I’ve been very fortunate to collaborate with the brightest creative minds, in order to bring those ideas to fruition. My collaboration with AGL and Katie Grand feels like an organic, and inevitable next step in that exploration of ideas. Whether in front of the camera, on the runway, or on the sidewalk in my daily life, I’ve worn every type of style and shape of shoe, and throughout the years, I’ve always toyed with an idea or two of what I would do if I was behind the sketch book. This collaboration gave me the opportunity to bring those musings to life, and I’m very proud to see, and wear, the final result of mine and Katie’s shared vision”.